Shipping & Returns


We ship our products worldwide. Due to factors that commonly affect international shipments, such as weather delays, holidays and customs inspections. The following are only estimates. Our fulfillment center is currently overseas. Our average shipping time takes no more than 3 weeks. In very rare cases it can take as long as 5 weeks for some products.


                 Shipping Time

               United States

                   3-4 weeks

             Other countries

                   3-5 weeks



We will estimate the shipping and delivery dates after you place your order.

We ship within 24-48 hours. Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery. In most cases, you will receive your item(s) earlier than expected and sometimes it depends on the destination. Your patience is truly appreciated. You can always contact us if you have any questions regarding your purchase at Our customer service is quicker than DC's Flash.

When will my order arrive?

Our fulfillment center is currently overseas.  Our average shipping time is between 3-4 weeks. In very rare cases it can take up to 5 weeks for some products. We ship worldwide so delivery times are all averages.

I want to purchase a "FREE" item, do I need to pay anything?

Free or promotional items are really free, and pricing at our shop is $0, you only need to cover shipping cost.

What is your refund policy?

We do not accept returns. We will provide a refund if your item is lost in transit or arrives damaged. Alternatively, we will ship a replacement item at our expense.

Will you provide a Tracking Number?

In most cases when an order is shipped you will be emailed a tracking number. Some countries where shipping is restricted to a few shipping companies may not have tracking available, but this is rare.  International orders will be fulfilled from our overseas fulfillment centers. This type of shipping does not include tracking numbers that function outside the United States.  

I ordered Multiple items, but I have received my parcel holding just 1 of them...

If you place an order with us for multiple items it is more than likely going to be shipped in more than one package.  Please allow some time for all of your items to arrive.

I paid for my order but did not get a confirmation email

Be so kind to check the Spam folder. Some emails might end up there. If you need to contact us, we are available at

Can I buy multiple "FREE" Items in one order?

Some of our FREE products are LIMITED to 1 order per customer, so if you receive this message, please check your order cart. If you want to order more than 1 FREE product, you might have to place another order. 

I have another inquiry that has not been addressed here

Please email us at and we'll respond as soon as we can

Discount code notice: Discount codes MUST be used at the point of purchase by the customer during checkout. We WILL NOT apply discount codes after purchases - ZERO EXCEPTIONS.

IMPORTANT: Tantric Jewels is not responsible for destination country tax and/or duty charge that may incur. Customers will be held accountable for any restrictions, duties, taxes, and any other fees collected from the destination country, prior to ordering. We will not be responsible for any Duties, Taxes, or Customs fees under any circumstances.

If the order arrives at your country and...

  • The customer refuses to accept the package
  • No attempt is made in the country of destination to deliver the package. 

Tantric Jewels reserves the right to abandon the package(s) and will not be responsible for any refund