Bohemian Fashion

What makes Bohemian Fashion and Jewelry Unique?

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When you hear the words bohemian fashion, you may usually think of wardrobe that is inspired in the 70s with a romantic classy style.  However, modern bohemian fashion recently developed the word boho for a newer fashion trend.

What is boho fashion?

Boho fashion is a mix of elements of the hippie style which has long-flowing clothing and is incorporated with roman fashion.

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How does Bohemian Apparel Actually Feel?

Sisters, it feels FREE.  The clothing is usually comfortable and flowing, allowing the wearer to feel freer. The bohemian fashion style focuses on combining different clothing styles while being agile and comfortable. So what makes bohemian fashion and jewelry unique from our modern day clothing?

Bohemian Clothing Reflects Personal Values

Bohemian clothing reflects a person’s individualism, love for nature, relaxed and a peaceful spirit.  These are the qualities of the fashion that make it different from modern clothing which is often tight and fitted.  Bohemian clothing is baggy and comfortable clothing that is made from fibers. They are also made from earthly natural colors and patterns with some romantic touches such as flower patterns and laces.

Boho Accessories and Boho Layering

Layering is very common in bohemian fashion and it’s basically what makes the fashion style unique. Scarves, vests, jackets, and skirts are often worn on top of each other which helps unleash your very own creative sense of style. You may mix up your style with a scarf and use it as a shawl, belt or even a headband. You may also use mismatched colors and patterns with other patterns that you normally wouldn’t see fit together. That is just another way of showing your unique side and incorporating your own bohemian look.

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Bohemian Jewelry and Accessories

Bohemian style jewelry completes bohemian fashion as most of the jewelry can be fitted into any bohemian style of your choice. Instead of metals, gold or diamond, bohemian accessories are all made with natural materials such as silver, wood, and stones. Bracelets, wooden bangles, and long beaded necklaces are also crafted to match the style. Large dangling earrings, gemstones, and charms may also be used to match any fashion of your choice. Bohemian fashion embraces ethnicity and allows any person to explore their own unique sense of style along with bohemian jewelry to create their own piece.

Bohemian fashion is often adopted by individuals hoping to distance themselves from our modern mainstream culture. This counter style lets us embrace how free we can become with our creativity and unique sense of style.

So what is your favorite layering combination?  Together we can share our creative ideas and show off our unique styles to the world.